Terms & Conditions

Service Charges:

Upon entering your instrument model number in the RMA process, you will be taken to a table of available service options and charges. The charges cover:

  • Repairs: all labor and performance testing necessary to bring the instrument to the latest manufacturer's specifications plus return shipping. (*domestic US shipments only.)
  • Calibrations: all labor and equipment necessary to meet the published factory specifications plus return shipping. (*domestic US shipment only.) Calibration is conducted by B&K Precision, an ISO9001:2000 company, using test equipment traceable to national standards and includes either a certificate of calibration or certificate of calibration with data, as requested.

*All international shipping charges to be determined.
Please contact the Service Department for an estimate, or to make collect/3rd party arrangements. B&K Precision does not pay shipping charges for international customers.

For all no-charge warranty repair requests, proof of purchase must be supplied with the instrument. Proof can be in the form of a copy of the instrument's dated invoice, receipt or packing slip from an authorized B&K Precision distributor.

A non-refundable evaluation charge applies to all repair requests.

All charges are subject to change without notice.
The RMA request will be cancelled 90 days from entry if instrument is not received.

Turn Around Time:

Typical service or calibration Turn-Around-Time (TAT) is approximately 10 working days. Expedited service is available for an additional charge. For expedited charges and availability please contact the service department.

Payment Terms:

B&K Precision requires prepayment before any service or calibration work is started. We accept Checks, Money Orders, Visa, Discover, Master Card or American Express credit cards. Company purchase orders accepted on pre-authorized accounts only, otherwise above prepayment methods required.


Please follow these guidelines in packing and shipping your instrument to B&K Precision.

  • Use the original shipping container or a sturdy cardboard shipping carton, large enough for at least 3 inch foam padding around the instrument.
  • Do not use loose plastic foam pieces, which can shift during transport.
  • Secure the box flaps with packaging tape or box staples.
  • Affix at copy of the RMA shipping label available at the end of the process or mark the carton with the RMA number received while setting up this order.

B&K Precision returns all instruments using either UPS ground or FedEx ground, unless otherwise requested. For international shipments see notes in Service Charges section

Discontinued Products:

B&K Precision’s policy is to continue servicing discontinued models for up to 7 years--parts permitting--after they are withdrawn from active sales. If your unit is one that is no longer serviced, B&K offers a Discontinued Instrument Upgrade Program that provides a significant discount towards the purchase of a new current model.