Welcome to MyBK


If you're reading this, it's because you're either quite bored at the moment, or you're new to the MyBK website. We've created MyBK to help simplify your support and service interactions with B&K Precision.

To help expedite common processes, you simply create a MyBK account, which will currently allow you to:

  • Register your BK Precision instrument(s) after purchase.
  • Request an RMA for calibration.
  • Request an RMA for repair service.

Additional functions are forthcoming, but basically, functions on our website that require submission of personal information will be managed within MyBK; reducing the amount of time it takes to request service and support, and giving you a single login to manage these interactions.

Be sure, when you sign up, to use the same email address you've always used with us, so we can link your information sitewide.